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Instagram On Your Computer (Amazing!)

Hey everyone, So today I wanted to show you guys an amazing tool I came across from one of my best friends in the online business, Luke Maguire. He’s created an Instagram software that is 100% compatible with PC. This is something that I absolutely need for my business because I do a lot of…

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How To Get Free Traffic on YouTube

Hello everyone, Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year! So today I’ve got an awesome product to review called Snap Video Profits. I’m not much into YouTube to be honest because I’ve focused mostly on Facebook in 2015, but it’s definitely something I want to add to my business in 2016. My good…

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I’m Giving Away $500 To Someone For The Holiday Season

Hello everyone, Hope you’re having an awesome holiday season! As explained on my email, I’m looking to donate $500 to someone on my email list who truly needs it this holiday season. Also, I wanted to get you guys to check out this review video of an amazing E-Commerce software that helps you build your…

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FREE TRAINING: FB Ads Targeting Outside of English-Speaking Countries

Hey, what’s going on? As requested by many of you, I decided to shoot a quick video showing you guys a walkthrough of how the XpressStores plugin works. Then I go on to explain why I really like their OTO feature of being able to have an ecom store in any language. Then I explain…

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How To Create an E-Com Store in 5 Minutes

Hey, what’s going on? For those who are struggling with getting started with Shopify and E-Commerce, I’ve got an amazing alternative that’ll save so much setup time and technical hassle. XpressStores is a WP plugin that allows you to create your own e-commerce stores in just a few clicks, a lot easier than Shopify’s setup that can…

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FREE TRAINING: Shopify Apps That Are Vital To Your Success

Hey, what’s going on? I’m glad you made it to Day 3 of the Shopify Free Training series. In case you missed the previous free trainings… Day 1: Day 2:   No video today… But that doesn’t mean that you will not learn a lot. Today’s free training will talk about some of the apps…

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FREE TRAINING: Find Buyers on Facebook In a Few Clicks

Hey, welcome back! In case you missed yesterday’s free training, click here:   Continuing on the free training series for Shopify, today I’m going to be showing you how I find passionate audiences to target on Facebook. Completely over-the-shoulder stuff, showing you EXACTLY how I would target people in the “Pitbulls” (dog) niche in…

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FREE TRAINING: How To Make $5k Per Day With Shopify

Hey, what’s going! As you may or may not know, over the last month or so, I’ve been dabbling with E-Commerce and selling physical products with a platform called Shopify. It’s become a huge craze over the last few months. I saw so many people on Facebook getting results and making money fast, so I…

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