I’m Giving Away $500 To Someone For The Holiday Season

I’m Giving Away $500 To Someone For The Holiday Season

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re having an awesome holiday season!

As explained on my email, I’m looking to donate $500 to someone on my email list who truly needs it this holiday season.

Also, I wanted to get you guys to check out this review video of an amazing E-Commerce software that helps you build your own stores without the monthly fees that Shopify forces you to pay. And not an affiliate stores like with XpressStores… this is your real store.

Think of it like Shopify, but without the monthly fees.

Check out the video below from my business partner Bill Hugall, and we will explain why we think you need this for your business.


NewCommerce Suite launches December 20th, at 11am EST!


>>Click to purchase your copy of NewCommerce Suite

(the link will work after 11am EST)


We are also giving away a bonus to all the buyers, which is a PDF report that explains step-by-step how to become successful with the ecommerce business model without needing Shopify.

In other words, we are gonna show you the steps to take so that you can be successful using NewCommerce Suite. There are some slight differences from Shopify, so our bonus PDF will explain what you need to do to get rolling.

Wwe show you the benefits of each ecommerce platform as well as our recommended supplier websites to use for dropshipping.




So… back to my $500 holiday giveaway.

I want to know why you need this $500 this holiday season and what you are gonna do with it.

The person who touches me the most, who actually deserves it will receive the $500 tomorrow night via PayPal.

P.S. Don’t be the person who lies just to get free money from me, NOT COOL!


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