How To Create an E-Com Store in 5 Minutes

How To Create an E-Com Store in 5 Minutes

Hey, what’s going on?

For those who are struggling with getting started with Shopify and E-Commerce, I’ve got an amazing alternative that’ll save so much setup time and technical hassle.

XpressStores is a WP plugin that allows you to create your own e-commerce stores in just a few clicks, a lot easier than Shopify’s setup that can take hours.

What I like about XpressStores:
1. No inventory needed.
2. No upfront costs.
3. No monthly fees like with Shopify.
4. No tech skills required.
5. No order fulfilling or VAs needed.
6. Just pick products and sell!
7. Saves hours of tech setup.
8. Earn 50% commissions on all products sold vs Amazon’s lower commissions

Mehdi’s honest rating: 10/10

Watch the video below to see how XpressStores works:

XpressStores goes live Monday, November 30th at 9am EST!

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