FREE TRAINING: How To Make $5k Per Day With Shopify

FREE TRAINING: How To Make $5k Per Day With Shopify

Hey, what’s going!

As you may or may not know, over the last month or so, I’ve been dabbling with E-Commerce and selling physical products with a platform called Shopify. It’s become a huge craze over the last few months.

I saw so many people on Facebook getting results and making money fast, so I knew I wanted to get into it as well because quite frankly, I didn’t want to miss the boat.

Well, after 90 days, it’s safe to say that the $5k+ that I spent in coaching paid off…


Yes, that is $77,526 that we generated with a single store, all from Facebook ads traffic ONLY!

So I’m sure you’re wondering how you can achieve similar results without spending a lot of money in coaching like I did…

On Monday, November 23rd at 7pm EST, we are holding a Shopify Live Training where we will will show you in-depth how we generate $5-10k per day in sales on Shopify. It will be hosted by myself and my 6-figure business partner/mentor Mohamed Ali Aguel


It will absolutely blow your mind.

In short, this system consists of 3 main steps.

1. Create your Shopify E-Commerce store
2. Pick a niche, find good products to sell (free training video below)
3. Run targeted traffic to your store to make sales (we will be covering that later this week)


Over the next few days, I’m going to be sending you some cool content each day about how you can get started with Shopify. These videos alone are going to make you money assuming you follow them to a T.

Here is video #1 – How to find a profitable niche and good products for that niche

Free Bonus #1 – 110 Shopify Niches

Free Bonus #2 – Product Types To Sell


Be sure to check your inbox every day this week. We have got a lot of goodies coming your way that will help you start your own PROFITABLE E-Commerce business.

This may be the easiest method to making money online that I have ever seen, seriously…

Hope you are as excited as I am…


See you tomorrow!

Mehdi Tihani


P.S. If you got questions, comment below! I’ll do my best to answer them as best as I can.