Instagram On Your Computer (Amazing!)

Instagram On Your Computer (Amazing!)

Hey everyone,

So today I wanted to show you guys an amazing tool I came across from one of my best friends in the online business, Luke Maguire.

He’s created an Instagram software that is 100% compatible with PC.

This is something that I absolutely need for my business because I do a lot of Instagram marketing (I have a page of 44,000 followers).

I know that if it’s a necessary tool for my business, then I know it will be useful for you as well…

Whether you do e-commerce, CPA, blogging, t-shirts, listbuilding, etc…. InstaMate by Luke Maguire is a MUST HAVE TOOL!

I know your time is valuable, so I suggest you watch this short 60 second demo video of all the amazing features you get inside of InstaMate.


Watch this 60 second demo video:

InstaMate launches tomorrow, March 2nd at 9am EST!


>>Click to purchase your copy of Insta Mate

(the link will work after 9am EST)



Those who have been on my email list for a while know that I don’t promote products often. Maybe 2 products per month MAX.

You know why?

Because there’s usually only 2 really good products that come out each month.

I don’t ever want to promote a product that I don’t think will help your business.

How do I judge that?

My real of thumb is…

If I need this for my business, then I know there are many that will need this too.

I’m purchasing my copy of InstaMate tomorrow, and I suggest you do the same.


Instagram is full of free traffic just waiting to visit your site, buy your products or join your email list!

Have an awesome week, be on the lookout for my email tomorrow morning!

Mehdi Tihani