FREE TRAINING: Shopify Apps That Are Vital To Your Success

FREE TRAINING: Shopify Apps That Are Vital To Your Success

Hey, what’s going on?

I’m glad you made it to Day 3 of the Shopify Free Training series.

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No video today…

But that doesn’t mean that you will not learn a lot.

Today’s free training will talk about some of the apps you will need for your Shopify stores.

You see, Shopify is an always-changing platform that is always adding new features to benefits online marketers like us. It’s actually pretty cool.

Shopify used to be just about cute little stores, but has now evolved into an extremely powerful platform that allows marketers from across the world to make sales WITHOUT HAVING TO HOLD INVENTORY.

Shopify’s App Store is a big reason for that.

So let’s get into which apps we believe are vital to your success with E-Commerce on Shopify.


Apps we love:

Contact Form
(by Out of the Sandbox)

– Allows visitors to contact you easily if they have any questions or issues. Very important to always have good communication and customer service with your potential customers. If something doesn’t work, they’ll be the first to tell you and with a simple contact form app, this allows that to happen.

Notify (by Notify)
– This is probably my favourite app, and has made me a LOT OF MONEY. What it does is it leaves a little pop up on the corner of your store that shows the most recent sales and which products that were bought. So when someone visits your store, they see that your store has sales, and which product were bought. Very powerful stuff.

Abandonment Protector (by LinkerFriend Inc)
– Fact: This app will recover sales from people who decided not to buy. How? By sending an email sequence to convince them to buy after they chose not to. Completely customizable, another of my favourites.

Receiptful (by Receiptful)
– Confession: The receipts that customers get when they buy from a Shopify are not very INTERACTIVE, so the geniuses at Receiptful decided to create a customizable receipt app. I absolutely love this app. In E-Commerce, it’s very important to give people a good buying experience so that they become returning customers. Download this app, like now!

Retargetapp (by Retargetapp)
– This is very very very solid app that allows people to set up retargeting campaigns on your Shopify stores. Literally in a couple clicks, you can set up a campaign. Unless you are very familiar with Facebook ads, then this app is a MUST! Retargeting basically tries to get people back to your store. Kind of like “abandonment protector”, but it’s an ad that would show up on the Facebook newsfeed.

McAfee SECURE (by McAfee SECURE)
– Anti-virus app. Shows a badge on your store and people will feel safer while browsing your store. Another must to have the best buyer experience possible.


Like what you’ve learned so far?
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I hope that you really got something out of my free training series over the last few days!

I’m PUMPED for Monday because I know whoever will be on that call will learn sooooo much!


Have an awesome weekend!

Mehdi Tihani


P.S. If you got questions, comment below! I’ll do my best to answer them as best as I can.